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Is search engine optimization becoming more important than n

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Magento sites should have highly qualified created content and effective keywords (related articles, comments, etc.) in order to be at top of the most popular search engines. Nowadays, Search Optimization is an important key on the way to success. You should be sure that your content can be easily found on the major search engines.
You know that Internet is like a huge library, so you need to title your content effectively.
What factors should be paid attention to for making your content to be effectively found on the web in the first place:

a) Your titles.
b) The quality, quantity and freshness of your content.
c) Whether other sites are linking to it or not.

Of course, there are a hundreds of different other factors trying to optimize your Magento site visibility online, but the sense of them all comes down to those three points above.
Certainly, if you provide extremely effective complementary navigation features in your Magento store, it will increase the staying your customers there. Using improved navigation, you can optimize customers’ search. People like to return to the sites which save their time and provide the necessary things.

Nowadays, navigation is created basing on the “home page” or “main page” because it gives a user an opportunity to visit/travel you from the main/home page to all the pages of your Magento (not only) site. Also, it helps you to understand where the customer’s location is at the moment.

You can use breadcrumbs for you navigation, but we advise to use Ajax technology, for example, for category pages and attribute filters. It saves time and doesn’t make the search process be so annoying.
The improved navigation should also support SEO optimization. So, such things as friendly URLs and preventing Google from indexing the pages will be very helpful for your site.

Of course, search engine optimization can take the first role in any Magento site improvement, but the enhanced navigation with more interesting features should not be missed too. You can try it too: ... ation.html
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Is search engine optimization becoming more important than n

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