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The web stores are usually based on various eCommerce solutions. One of the most popular CMS for eCommerce is Magento. It provides online merchants with a wide range of tools and features to build reliable online stores. Magento modules developed by GoMage extend the functionality of online stores and provide additional features which make the stores more flexible and easy-to-use. GoMage Social Connector 1.2 extension is designed to improve the account login functionality and allow customers login using their accounts in social networks. So, if you have this extension installed in your online store and enabled for all available social networks, a customer can simply press a corresponding social network button in order to login and make an order in your store. This option saves a lot of time and simplifies the login process significantly. What is most important, GoMage Social Connector extension is available for download free of charge. The installation and configuration of the module is very simple. Currently, the extension supports the following social networks: Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Google and Google+, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit. Like any other extension developed by GoMage, Social Connector has open source code and can be easily customized by a skilled programmer. What is also important, Social Connector is compatible with the latest Magento releases - Community Edition 1.9 and Enterprise Edition 1.14.
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GoMage Social Connector

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Also check this Social Login Magento extension by FME which allows you to add multiple social options to the login/registration page. Customers can login, register & recover lost password in the same popup window. This extension supports multiple social profiles like:
    Google +
You can also disable any of the social network.

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